Production department

The Yas-e-Fars Glaze Company's production department accurately plans the production process based on the customers' demands in a round-the-clock and three active shift processes to produce and transport all glazes used by the tile and ceramic factories.

All processes of production of glazes are carried out by the use of accurate instruments and close-circuit cameras under the monitoring of experts. Also, the quality control to provide uniformly high-quality glazes is carried out in two stages. In the first stage, before entering the production cycle, the purchased raw materials are analyzed and prepared for production, while in the second stage, samples of the reduced glazes are taken before being packaged and transported. Then, in a simulated process per the production line of tiles and ceramics of the destination factory, they are evaluated and tested consistent with the glaze code approved by the customer demands. When finally approved by the laboratory department, the glazes are packaged and then transported.